OnePlace is recognised as the leading Migration Tool for moving heavy Data Workloads from On-Premise to Cloud Hosting Providers such as AWS and Azure by providing an extra functionality layer on to of Oracle’s Golden Gate Product.

The software accelerates migrations by allowing migration teams to observe where data inconsistencies have arisen in almost real-time and then high lights where the issues lie at the data line level. A well as providing a Realtime Dashboard that shows the migration path and key elements it can be integrated into both Amazon’s and Azure’s monitoring solutions for effective technical support and management.

With the option of running by synchronous and asynchronous workloads through the network even Tier 1 Data Workloads can be handled with near Zero Downtime, data loss, or outage effectively removing the need for higher risk, physical data moving devices that are always out of synchronisation once taken from the source and applied to the target Data Source.

There are two models for helping organisations deliver migrations one is for a terraform template that has been created within Amazon Cloud Formation Template and Azures Management API. This allows easy install use and configuration for any organisation migrating to the two platforms. This can be used as a Bring Your Own License, use Amazon’s pay as you go, or can be subscription-based for longer-term engagements

The optiuon is for the provision of pre-configured Migration Applicance that comes with eberything you need to perfrom you migration and once complete can be switched off or used for other worloads. This is a subscription based service with full 24*7 support and alerting.